Welcome to A’s-R-Us


A’s R Us is a family friendly Model A classic car club. We have been a club for over 20 years and have a very strong membership from as young as 18 all the way up to (dare we say) 70+ year old members. We are an official club of the Model A Ford Club of America association, located in Chicago’s suburb of Crete IL.

We get together once a month for our meetings and also have nearly every month small to large events. Our small events consist of car gatherings at a local diner, breakfasts, wrench fests, fundraisers, dinners, short distance trips < 100miles. Our larger events are usually multi day trips, which consist of visiting museums, historic sites, ice cream parlors, antique shops, etc. Most of these trips are 3 – 7 days long (100-1000miles). It’s a hoot and great fun for the entire family.

If you think this is a club for you, don’t hesitate, try to reach out to us. We always welcome new members. Until then, check out our website. It will be updated periodically.